American Food Restaurants & Dining In Santa Cruz CA

Santa Cruz American Food RestaurantsSanta Cruz is definitely an all-around city when it comes to dining options. While you can get your share of culturally-diverse fare, there are some American options that abound as well, both in the form of chain restaurants and local joints that serve up a vast array of culinary delights.

Hoffman’s Bistro might just be atop the list of great American-style fare, despite the European ambiance. The menu here serves up traditional restaurant favorites, like meatloaf and thick and juicy New York Strip steaks. The double-cut pork chop is a meat-lover’s delight, and the stuffed chicken breast oozes with flavor from the avocado, tomato, bacon and seasonal vegetables stuffed inside. The dessert menu is equally impressive with an assortment of cakes and other sweet treats to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

The Surfrider Café is, by comparison, a quirky local haunt that serves up both classic tunes and classic American food on its menu. Old school burgers, fresh catch in the form of tilapia or whatever the catch of the day may be and fresh salads made with produce from neighboring growers makes this place a favorite among those that just want a solid, delicious meal without a lot of bells and whistles.

The Walnut Avenue Café is another Santa Cruz restaurant that specializes in American classic favorites. This is the spot to get a great cup of coffee and a huge plate of scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits and a heaping helping of bacon to start your day off right. If you’re feeling adventurous for breakfast, don’t miss out on the shrimp and tomato Benedict menu offering. Adversely, if you want to go light, do so with a cup of java and some simple fruit and granola mixes, which is the benefit of a small café like this one, which is used to offering a smattering of customer favorites. Lunch offers the makings of a fresh salad alongside a grilled burger or one of the café’s signature sandwiches.

Most of the American-style restaurants in Santa Cruz take the form of smaller cafes; however, the food offered can compete with larger chains and flashier brands any day.


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