Santa Cruz Casinos & Gambling

While there is plenty of stunning natural scenery and other attractions to take in in Santa Cruz, California, some visitors coming to the city as well as residents might be more interested in activities of a more exhilarating variety. And little else is more exhilarating than winning money in Santa Cruz card rooms and casinos. The gambling and casino scene is alive and well in Santa Cruz, and while there may not be as many options as, say, Biloxi or Las Vegas, there is certainly enough to keep the amateur gambler busy.

To start, the Oceanview Card Room offers an outlet for poker lovers to get in a hand or two…or even three, depending on your interest in the game. The atmosphere here is clean and comfortable and poker enthusiasts can enjoy games of Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha High and Pineapple High, with a vast array of limits and spreads.

Santa Cruz Card Rooms - Ocean View Card Room

Santa Cruz Card Rooms – Ocean View Card Room

If you’re looking for a gambling experience that more closely resembles an authentic casino setting, then head the short distance to San Jose to check out the Garden City Casino. Not only does this facility offer games of poker, including no-limit Texas Hold’Em, but also players can indulge in Pai Gow and Blackjack. Three card and double hand poker are also available at this casino, and guests can also take advantage of scrumptious meals that can be delivered to you right at your table. The casino does it’s best to encourage visitors to game responsibly to ensure that a good time is had by all without overindulging.

There are a number of other casinos in the area, with much of the same offerings in terms of card games and the like. While many of these options are scattered around the Santa Cruz evening, it’s well worth the drive just to shake things up a bit for something different to do around this area of California.