Santa Cruz Surf Shops

1) Pacific Wave
1502 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060
Phone: (831)- 458- 9283    or    877-457-9283
Family owned and operated since 1993, this not so little surf shop has it all. Hosting the biggest collection in the world of Santa Cruz, NorCal, Independent, and Creative surf and skate products, located in the old Santa Cruz County Bank building, this shop is sure to fulfill all of your surfing gear needs!

2) O’Neill Surf Shop (3 locations)
110 Cooper Street suite D       Phone: 831-469-4377
400 Beach Street                     Phone: 831-459-9230 (Beach Boardwalk Location)
1071 41st Avenue                    Phone: 831-475-7500
This shop was started up in 1952 by Jack O’Neill, whose name and surfing products have spread throughout the greatest surf spots in the entire world. Jack was the originator of the neoprene wetsuit and over the years has continued to be the leader in producing innovative surf gear for a wide variety of surfers. Be sure to stop by and check out his newest creations to hit the shelves and the waves!

3) Freeline Design Surf Shop
821 41st Avenue
Phone; (831)-476-2950
This family owned and operated shop was opened up in 1969 and has faithfully served the Santa Cruz surf community ever since! One great advantage to grabbing your board and gear from this particular spot is the fact that they have a “try before you buy” option available. So stop by Freeline and go ahead and figure exactly which board belongs to you.

4) Pearson Arrow Surf Shop
2324 Mission Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060
Phone: (831)-423-8286
Bob Pearson and his shop have helped to shape and design surfboards for some of the biggest surfers in the biz. Known for their innovative and quality surf products, this shop is definitely a great place to get set up to take on some major waves!

5) Santa Cruz Boardroom
825 41st Street, Santa Cruz CA 95062
This unique shop has a wide variety of surf and skate gear made right here in Santa Cruz. Originators of the popular Santa Cruz logo and brand, this shop has everything you’ll need to hit the water, as well as plenty of SC souvenirs for the family and friends.

6) Billabong
4105 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz California 95062
Phone: (831)-476-7873
This company needs no introduction. For years now, the Billabong brand has swept through stores and oceans throughout the world. Be sure to stop into their Santa Cruz shop to see their latest and greatest gear to hit the showroom floors.


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