Reasons to Visit Santa Cruz, California

If you have not yet made plans for summer, consider visiting Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is known for having a beautiful coastline and warm weather. Other than its natural beauty and near-perfect weather, it is also rich in fascinating history.

You can lean a lot about the history of Santa Cruz at Wilder Ranch State Park. At this particular attraction, you can admire incredible views of the landscape and take a living history tour. Each month, people are invited to take part in the festivities.

Santa Cruz is located 65 miles south of San Francisco on California’s Central Coast. There are 29 miles of beaches in Santa Cruz County and 14 state parks. If you plan on flying to Santa Cruz, the nearest airport is located 30 miles northeast of the city.


Most Popular Beaches

  • Main Beach
  • Lighthouse Field State Beach
  • Greyhound Rock Beach Access
  • Friends of Santa Cruz State Park
  • East Cliff Coastal Access Points
  • Ano Nuevo State Park

Santa Cruz is popular for many reasons, but the beaches in this city are some of the most beautiful in all of California. If you are passionate about surfing, hiking, or just want to play a friendly game of beach volleyball, enjoy all three at a Santa Cruz beach. If you have a significant other, there is no doubt they will appreciate a romantic sunset with you at Capitola Beach.


Traveling to Santa Cruz is Inexpensive

With proper planning in your schedule and in your finances, you can enjoy a trip to Santa Cruz at a cost that will not break your bank account. Many of the attractions in this city do not require an entrance fee. If you want to spend money in Santa Cruz, there is more than enough shopping available for more than one lifetime.


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