Things to Do in Santa Cruz Downtown

Downtown Santa Cruz has plenty of fun things to do for the entire family. Every year, thousands of people pour into Santa Cruz to take advantage of the beautiful weather and attractions. One famous landmark you should definitely check out is the Santa Cruz Harbor Walton Lighthouse. If you roll into Santa Cruz with an appetite, have a bite to eat at the Windmill Café.


Surfing is another popular activity to take part in when visiting Santa Cruz. If you have never surfed before, a great time to learn would be in Santa Cruz. Instructors make lessons available to beginners for affordable prices.


National Parks to Visit

  • big-basinBig Basin Redwoods State Park
  • Castle Rock State Park
  • Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
  • Natural Bridges State Park
  • Forest of Nisene Marks State Park



Spending Time in Santa Cruz Is Affordable

Recently, Santa Cruz County has made some changes which make spending time there more affordable. There are many free activities that will not cost a penny. If you are vacationing on a budget, Santa Cruz is the perfect place for you.

One thing you should definitely not pass up is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This attraction is admission free and is commonly referred to as the world’s best seaside amusement park. During the summer, free concerts are held as well as other free, fun events.


Places to Eat

One popular place to go grab a bite to eat would be the Mediterranean Grill and Go. This restaurant is well-known because of its authenticity and low prices. If that does not sound appetizing, you can always try the Harbor Café.

Other popular restaurants include Shadowbrook, Lillian’s Italian Kitchen and Café Brasil. Santa Cruz has a lot of dining options to choose from, so choose wisely if you will not be in town for long. Food can be a big expense, but luckily when you are in Santa Cruz, you can dine out for much lower prices than you would expect.






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